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Summer Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summer is finally here but this summer won't be the same as we imagined. During these unprecedented times, little is known when it will be safe to resume all normal activities. While stay at home orders are being lifted in many states, cases still seem to be rising at an alarming rate. As things start to open up, the usual summertime activities and entertainment won't be available. Many movie theaters, concerts, and museums are closed but that doesn't mean you can't have a productive and eventful Summer. 

Here is a list of cool things you can do at home to keep yourself and your family members busy even if you are self-quarantined or living alone. 


1. Stream a Concert, Opera, or TV Show

Never seem an Opera live in concert? Well now you can, and for Free! Many artist such as Pink, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Kieth Urban, and even John legend have all streamed their concerts live on their Instagram and YouTube. The Metropolitan Opera is also streaming free Operas each night from this link. The Grammy Museum even has 

2. Take a Digital Musuem Tour

If you enjoy visiting museums, spending a day at one is still an option, even from the couch in your living room all thanks to technology! Travel and Leisure has a list of musuems that offer virtual tours from this link. The Google Arts and Culture app for iPhone and Android allows users to vire painting in artificial reality (AR). In addition to art galleries and museums, the Georgia Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium allows views to stream live of their penguins, otters, and fish through their webcams. Click these links below to be directed to their page.

Georgia Aquarium: Monterey Bay Aquarium:

3. Host a Netflix Viewing Party

Did you know you can host a viewing party of your favorite show/movie using you Netflix account? Add a free Chrome Extension called Netflix Party and invite your friends and family to watch the same show/movie to have it synced together. 

Click here to download the link:

4. Stay Active 

Physical activity is the best and easiest way to destress. Simply just going outside to get fresh air for a few mintues can have drastic effects in their mood and attitude. If going out is an issue, there are plenty of indoor home workouts that you and your whole family could enjoy as well. The more you or your family stay active, the more productive/healthier you will feel. Here is a site that has online home workouts you can do:

5. Learn a New Skill/Hobby

We are very fortunate to be living in a generation where you can find nearly anything on the internet. Luckily, learning a new skill or hobby is as easy as watching a video on YouTube or taking online classes. There are plenty of cool skills you can acquire during the downtime, some things include, learning how to invest in the Stock Market, learning how to sew, learn to use a DSLR, or even learning the basics of a new language. 



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