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COVID-19 Vaccination Myths and Rumors Debunked

With two COVID-19 Vaccines out and authorized by the FDA as emergency use-with more on the way- there are tons of rumors and myths regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines and whether or not one should get vaccinated. 

Myth #1: The COVID vaccine was rushed, therefore it is not safe.

Fact: In order for authoriation, manufacturers must have followed their enrolled participants for at least two months after completing the vaccination series and the vaccine must be proves safe and effective. In addition to the safety review by the FDA, the Advisory Comittee on Imunization has a panel consisting of vaccine safety experts to independently evaluate the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. The vaccine was in high demand due to the emergency situation but that does not mean that companies bypassed safety protocols or skipped out on required testing. Many pharmaceuticals invested tons of resources and materials in order to quickly develop the vaccine all while following the same high standards as other vaccines would be developed. 

Myth #2: I already had COVID-19 and have recovered so I have the antibodies and don't need the vaccine once it's available. 

Fact: While there is still not enough information due to how novel the virus still is, natural immunity may not last very long. However, the Mayo Clinic suggests that individuals should still get the vaccine regardless if they recovered from a past exposure. They should also wait about 90 days from the time they were diagnosed. People should not get the vaccine if they are in quarantine after exposure or if they have any current symptoms. 

Myth #3: There are severe side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Fact: While it is true that there are mild or moderate but short-term reactions that result from this vaccine, the early phases of the Pfizer vaccine trials show that it is safe. 15% of the individuals developed a short lived soreness at the site of injection and 50% developed systemic reactions that include headaches, chills, fatigue, muscle pain, or fever leasting a day or two. These symtoms are good indicators that your immune system is responding and are common when getting vaccinated. 

Myth #4: The COVID-19 vaccine was developed by the government to control the population by injecting microchips of "nanotransducers" in our brain. 

Fact: This myth started when Bill Gates made comments about digital certificates for vaccine reccords. This technology is not referring to any microchip regarding its development, testing, or distribution. 


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