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Celebrating New Years during a Pandemic

Throughout this year, there have been numerous changes that individuals have had to endure. There were transitions from a public work place to suddenly working remotely from home. Schools, restaurants, malls, salons, etc. were forced to close to ensure the safety of the public. However, as the end of the year approaches, there are still some ways to celebrate the new year while practicing social distancing and enforced safety guidelines from the CDC. 

1. Watch the Ball Drop Virtually 

It is a tradition that there is a ball drop in Times Square to mark the end of the current year and count down to the new year. There are large crowds huddled around in Times Square to celebrate the live performances and confetti spilling. However, this will now be a virtual event to help protect individuals from being at risk of COVID-19 and will be broadcasted on live television.  

2. Karaoke

It is always fun to sing along to songs with loved ones. Although it will probably be in a household with immediate family and/or friends, this will be an exciting way to celebrate and can also be made into a competition! 

3. Photo Booth

2020 has been a different but eventful year. Making a photo booth could be an artistic group project! This could be a unique way to commemorate the year and capture unforgettable moments. 

4. Take-out & Movies

It is always a bit colder during this time of the year. Because a lot of restaurants do not have the option of dining-in, take-out would be the best idea along with watching a movie mar

5. Board Games

There are a lot of different board games that can be played on this Holiday as a way to spend time with close ones like Go Fish, Poker, Monopoly, etc. It could also be fun to build a puzzle! 

Here are some links below to other ideas and ways to celebrate the New Year!

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